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College Division Rules

College Division: Rules of Play

1) Ten players are in the field: Pitcher, catcher, 4 infielders at correct positions,  and 4 out fielders .

2) All players must hit. Once through the lineup, the starting first hitter will then begin.

3) Umpires are volunteers, please show respect to their calling of the games. Strike zones may be slightly wider to encourage swings. Coaches’ willingness to ensure this is greatly appreciated. If a parent or coach does volunteer to umpire, it is recommended to do so from behind the plate. Equipment is available at the snack bar.

4) Team is retired after 3 outs.

5) Players will pitch during the season.

  • Any one pitch from the mound including a warm-up pitch constitutes one inning pitched.
  • A pitcher may pitch a maximum of 6 innings per week
  • A pitcher may pitch a maximum of 3 innings per game.
  •  1-2 innings pitched in a game require one days rest
  •  3 innings pitched in a game require 2 days rest
  •  If there are 2 hit batsman in the same inning a pitcher must be removed
  •  Maximum of 3 hit batsman in one game and a pitcher must be removed

6) Coaches will be allowed to stand with pitcher on the mound.

7) Pitchers may use the closer mound if needed (of the 2).

8) After 3 walks in a consecutive inning, coaches are to monitor the pitcher to ensure the innings move at regular pace. 3 strikes will indicate an out.

9) There is no stealing allowed

10) Mouth guards are optional, and can be found at the snack bar if needed. Batting helmets with cages are also included in each team’s equipment.

11) Bunting is allowed

12) Tagging up on a fly ball is allowed

13) The infield fly rule is in effect,

14) Playing Time: Each player must player in the field

15) Free substitution is allowed since all players will hit.

16) We are playing the slide or avoid rule, but must use this time to teach how this rule applies to the game. All plays made on a runner at home plate – the runner must slide or be called out.

17) Five run rule – The inning is over after 5 runs are scored by a team except if it is the last inning (coaches must agree in advance of starting an inning that it will be the last inning)

18) First half of the season, no inning will start after 7:30

19) Second half of the season, no inning will start after 7:45

20) Any player swearing is to be removed from the game immediately.

21) The Home team is responsible for game balls (2) and raking the field following the game.

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